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ADOLO Fresh Fish Bar

At “ADOLO” we emphasize to play up every ingredient’s unique sea taste. Executive Chef’s Vasilis Tsatsakis imaginative creations are full of sea charm, specially blending with Greek modern cuisine.

At “ADOLO” we create fascinating plats-du-jour and offer tasteful dish suggestions such as Seabass Fricassee, Orzotto with Cuttlefish cooked in their ink and Tuna Pasticcio with gruyere cheese from Ios’ béchamel.  As a result, “ADOLO” quickly becomes the more sought after modern Greek seafood venue in Athens’ northern suburbs.

Fresh Fish Bar
Every day, fresh fish and mollusks from the Greek seas are emerging before your eyes to choose and enjoy to your liking. This is the ultimate destination of any serious fish lover!
Vasilis is a Cretan native (he was born in Heraklion, Crete). Early in his life, he was exposed to the art of cooking, as his family owned a taverna with traditional Cretan cuisine, allowing him to create a loving for pans and tastes. Since then, Vasilis has co-operated with a number of well-known restaurants.

Vasilis loves to prepare casseroles based on fish and seafood, not a very common trait with chefs, and is going the extra mile to highlight each ingredient's unique sea taste.
His talent to combine fish and seafood with valuable Greek vegetables and aromatic herbs in order to create outstanding dishes of unparalleled taste is the key characteristic of his gastronomic identity.

Quite typical in his menus are also dishes based on "raw" fish, like carpaccio, tartar, ceviche etc. for which he has a soft spot and excellent skills.
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